Output events

This week (though it’s taken nearly a year on and off) I finalised another Capture One app – CheckOut – based on the Output events feature. You can find the app in the store here. Scripting Output events Output events are script objects that record a variants processing history. Basically every time you process a file in C1, the app logs some data about what was done automatically. You can then query the the variant for this data. Without these, the script designer would have to create “watch folder” monitor scripts, or… Read More

Check Out

Check Out This version of the application is for all versions (12+) of Capture One. Application delivered as .dmg file.  Buy Now View Cart Support notes This version is for all versions (12+) of Capture One (tested on 22 and 23) Tested on Monterey. Mac only. Sessions supported. Requires MS Excel (desktop app) installed (16.74 tested). The purchase and licensing entitles the app to be used by 1 user. For bulk licensing contact us. What is it? This app is designed to create a report of the sessions processing history, resulting in an… Read More