Match Total Exposures

Updated: 30 June 2022 Since this post, 15.3.0 was released and introduced a bug that can hang even crash when using this app. 15.3.1 was just released today which seems to be more stable, but there is a huge performance regression instead, which (while it now works again) makes this application VERY slow to work on files. I can see no workaround and have reported it. It’s been a really long time since my last post as I’ve been pretty busy with other things. Home again, home again… jiggity jig. Last year… Read More

Event Scripting

Events are the coolest way to utlize automation scripting, however the infrastructure for it is complex and pretty impenetrable for the uninitiated, so I wrote this article. The idea of events is that Capture One will initiate scripts automatically and repeatedly when a particular event happens. This means you can develop and extend Capture One’s behaviour to be reactive to certain repetitive conditions. Examples might be: As soon as an image is captured, process it. When I scan this bar code, do a vLookup in Excel and give me all the data… Read More

Starting up…

As I navigate the murky world of WordPress, this area might be a little slow to get going. ShootMachineAdmin