Wrap beers

To close the year out we thought we would end with an “off-topic” post on something close to every digi’s heart: beer! Inspiration for the is post comes via an annual TV show we get in Denmark (which is very, VERY Danish) – the Natholdets Julekalender. The premise for the show is quite simple: Beer expert Carsten Berthelsen takes Anders Breinholt (a sort of ginger Jimmy Falon/Jonathan Ross) and Søren Rasted (keyboardist from the band Aqua) on a “våd rejse” (wet journey) to decide which are a best three christmasy beers for… Read More

Capture One shortcuts for the terminally curious: part 3 (Final)

We have arrived at the final part of this series: the script! This is a simplified extract of the full installer application I made, as it is simply far too big to break down into a single tutorial. Instead, I have made a fully functional version of the useful part, which does most of the heavy lifting and annoying bit – adding the shortcuts to a set of installed scripts. Prep: Quit C1. Make a folder in ~/Library/Scripts/Capture One/Scripts/ (For my example today: ~/Library/Scripts/Capture One/Scripts/Apply Latitude) Copy your scripts into this folder… Read More

How to make a script applet

Making a script applet is not much harder than actually making a script – from the outside the extension changes to .app, and the app when clicked will “run” rather than open in script editor. Mostly useful. I use Script Debugger for all my AppleScript work. It’s a billion times better than Script Editor. Specifically for applet design, it makes life simpler for adding and removing resources, and you can also add your icons and developer ID easily. You can do this in Apples’ Script Editor but for the uninitiated, it is… Read More

Capture One shortcuts for the terminally curious: part 2.5ish

I was just about to conclude the the shortcuts series and getting to the point, when I realised I may have approached the flow of this project ass-backwards, as there are a lot of other moving parts that make this whole endeavour more relevant if understood first. So, if you have never done this stuff before I should probably ALSO write about these other things. So, to frame this properly and hopefully make this a more, rounded and useful experience, there are two other topics to dig into. Each of these is… Read More

How to install and use scripts with Capture One

There are a few ways to have a script execute and “do its thing” with Capture One. From easiest to hardest: Simple: Copy the script to the CO scripts folder. Simple scripts can be run straight from Capture One’s application script folder. Once installed, these will appear as a menu item in Capture One and is executed by selecting it like any other menu item (this method works well if you want to shortcut your scripts, as per the shortcuts article here). To use this framework: Open the scripts folder from inside… Read More