Event Scripting

Events are the coolest way to utlize automation scripting, however the infrastructure for it is complex and pretty impenetrable for the uninitiated, so I wrote this article. The idea of events is that Capture One will initiate scripts automatically and repeatedly when a particular event happens. This means you can develop and extend Capture One’s behaviour to be reactive to certain repetitive conditions. Examples might be: As soon as an image is captured, process it. When I scan this bar code, do a vLookup in Excel and give me all the data… Read More

Process On Capture

Process On Capture (for Capture One ’21) A version of the application for Capture One 21. Application delivered as .dmg file.  Buy Now View Cart Support notes This version is for Capture One 21 (all versions but tested on 14.1). Tested on Catalina and Mojave. Mac only. Sessions and Catalogs supported. The purchase and licensing entitles the app to be used by 1 user. For bulk licensing contact us. What is it? This app is designed to watch for incoming tethered shots and process them as soon as they land in CO (using… Read More