Process On Capture

Process On Capture (for Capture One ’21)
A version of the application for Capture One 21. Application delivered as .dmg file.

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Support notes

  • This version is for Capture One 21 (all versions but tested on 14.1).
  • Tested on Catalina and Mojave. Mac only.
  • Sessions and Catalogs supported.

The purchase and licensing entitles the app to be used by 1 user. For bulk licensing contact us.

What is it?
This app is designed to watch for incoming tethered shots and process them as soon as they land in CO (using whatever recipes you have enabled).

What does it do?
The functionality is enabled simply by running the app – while it is open, CO will process shots automatically (icon in the dock will change to green to indicate “on”). To disable the service, just quit the app.

Who is it for?
Useful for event photographers working solo (where you might have a printer watch folder on output), eCom, or other such scenarios where you just want to bypass all the editing bit and just want instant processing with the configured defaults/capture styles etc.

How do I use it?
Once installed from the dmg, just click-to-enable. In CO, enable at least 1 recipe and shoot. Images will be processed automatically. While it does support multiple recipes, shooting 10fps with several recipes enabled may require you have a supercomputer to handle the overhead.

Install notes

Run the .dmg and drag drop the app to applications

Once installed to applications, I recommend referencing the install in the dock for easy access. Drag the app from applications to the dock to do this. You can also install it to Capture One’s scripts menu as per the article here – but be sure to copy the installed application reference – not the .dmg.

After running the .dmg and installing, on first run you will see this dialog warning that this is a script file and needs to interact with another app/s to work. These are normal for script applets. The app is otherwise code signed and stapled in accordance with Apple guidelines. Press OK for any dialogs encountered.


Using the app

1. The app is designed as a simple toggle. Launch the app from the dock once – this will enable the processing on capture. The app icon turns green to indicate the capture done event is active.

2. If you want to disable the behaviour, quit the app – this will disable the processing on capture.

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