Capture One shortcuts for the terminally curious: part 2

In part 1 I ended with the idea of using this in to some AppleScript routines but hit a number of design issues with the syntax: Writing everything as a single list is not ideal for scalable or re-useable code. The syntax doesn’t really lend itself to scripting routines The big list was a LOT of escaped text and a pain to edit The main problem – the methodology if run again (say for another project) would replace any existing shortcuts, rather than appending. Less than ideal for building or adding to… Read More

Remote controlling Capture One – Automation routines from a distance

I’ve had this idea for ages to remote control more of Capture One from the iPhone/iPad – more specifically have my scripting run when I call it from the phone. With COVID in full force, more remoting options are good things and so I thought I’d write this up! I was messing around for ages with an app called Entangler. This let you make launcher-widgets on the phone, which fired AppleScripts on a target mac through one’s iCloud account. I used this to run session setups remotely and get reports on the… Read More

Capture One shortcuts for the terminally curious: part 1

Use shell to set up advanced shortcuts in Capture One…


The motivation for this post was last years announcement from Instagram that they were adding payments to it’s platform. Between the announcement and drafting this for posting, I got sidetracked with other work. This is not “that” post about social media and commoditization of photography. While adding payment infrastructure on Social Media is nothing new (see WeChat) this was a pretty interesting development for Photographers/Professionals making a living from photography – rather than just a way to advertise your work it could be potentially used as a direct revenue stream. BUT, If… Read More

How to shortcut almost anything in Capture One Pro (Mac)

Shortcuts to a faster workflow

Tethering Over Distance

Easy Tethering to 10m and beyond!