Match Total Exposures

It’s been a really long time since my last post as I’ve been pretty busy with other things. Home again, home again… jiggity jig. Last year (maybe?) I started publishing a series of ideas as apps I thought might be useful to Digis, then work picked up and I had to abandon blogging to pay the bills. One app I had not finalised was Match Total Exposures – something I wanted to emulate from the Lightroom feature. If you don’t know it, the idea is to bring up (or down) the exposure… Read More

Chicken Nuggets

This week I was working on a commission for a client. In the solution I needed to include a “technical” Style (a Style with certain parameters (meta data, flags) that aren’t necessarily typical of the generic Styles use-case). Then I realised: there was no way to really send Styles in a convenient way. I build a lot of custom install stuff for Capture One, automating the process of setup, shortcuts, dependencies etc, that help simplify and scale installations, but this seemed a little unsuitable for a Style. Then I remembered Style Packs…. Read More

Event Scripting

Events are the coolest way to utlize automation scripting, however the infrastructure for it is complex and pretty impenetrable for the uninitiated, so I wrote this article. The idea of events is that Capture One will initiate scripts automatically and repeatedly when a particular event happens. This means you can develop and extend Capture One’s behaviour to be reactive to certain repetitive conditions. Examples might be: As soon as an image is captured, process it. When I scan this bar code, do a vLookup in Excel and give me all the data… Read More

Store coming!

Over the last few weeks I have been burning hours on fine tuning, code signing, stapling and testing a bunch of apps and widgets for the DIT community using Capture One – and – with the help of some awesome people at FastSpring will finally be able to get these off my desktop and into the world. Still some work to do on the back end, but over the next few weeks or so we will have the first releases available to download, starting with Capture One ’20 support, with ’21 supported… Read More

Automation workflows with Monogram

The following was done with Monogram Creator (beta) and a set of the new Monogram Creative Console Studio tiles, in C1 v20. This week I was lucky to enough to get hold of the new Monogram kit for evaluation. We sometimes get clients looking for a simple “push this big button -> do workflow” for reducing C1’s somewhat idosyncratic techincal cruft, and so I wanted to see if it could be a useful solution. For the uninitiated, Monogram could be equated to a sort of modular “midi controller”; buttons and dials that… Read More

Get Started With AppleScript – Basics

An intro series to scripting Capture One, with Ben Liddle Preamble Years ago, in a warehouse in deep industrial Brooklyn, I was a digital technician on an e-commerce photo shoot struggling to stay awake. It was 3:30 in the afternoon on a crisp winter’s day, and the stylist was diligently stringing up the 80 billionth (by my estimate) crossbody’s strap of the day. The photographer was (probably) retouching his latest editorial job on his laptop in the corner. I was working with Capture One Pro 8 (iirc, maybe it was 7, honestly… Read More

How to shortcut almost anything in Capture One Pro (Mac)

Shortcuts to a faster workflow