Store coming!

Over the last few weeks I have been burning hours on fine tuning, code signing, stapling and testing a bunch of apps and widgets for the DIT community using Capture One – and – with the help of some awesome people at FastSpring will finally be able to get these off my desktop and into the world.

Still some work to do on the back end, but over the next few weeks or so we will have the first releases available to download, starting with Capture One ’20 support, with ’21 supported versions soon after.

App release plan stage one:

Folders From Text List – a bulk folder creator from a txt file
Batch Output Counter Auto reset – a toggle which sets counter to 0 when every processing job is finished
Clipboard To Capture – copy some text from any source and convert to a Capture folder
Make Folders! – another bulk folder creator, but takes several params to build a sequence of folders

If you would like to be notified of a particular app release, or have a request for something particular, hit me up on the contact formula here.

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