Match Total Exposures

Match Total Exposures (for Capture One 22)
Application delivered as .dmg file.

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Support notes

  • This version is for Capture One 22 only
  • Tested on Monterey. Mac only.
  • Sessions and Catalogs supported.

What is it?
This app is designed to match the exposures across a batch. Read more on the blog here.

What does it do?
Takes the primary variant as source and tries to match the others in the selection to it.

Who is it for?
Photographers. Techs bored of fixing photographer’s wild brackets.

How do I use it?
Select a batch of variants exhibiting similar content, but different exposures. Adjust the primary’s exposure to taste. Run the app. Images will adjust to match the primary.

Known issues

15.3.0 introduced a bug that can hang even crash when using this app.

15.3.1 was just released today which seems to be more stable, but there is a huge performance regression instead, which (while it now works again) makes this application VERY slow to work on files. I can see no workaround and have reported it.

Any and all builds prior to 15.3 should still work as designed.


Run the .dmg and drag drop the app to applications

Once installed to applications, I recommend referencing the install in the dock for easy access. Drag the app from applications to the dock to do this. You can also install it to Capture One’s scripts menu as per the article here – but be sure to copy the installed application reference – not the .dmg.

After running the .dmg and installing, on first run you will see this dialog warning that this is a script file and needs to interact with another app/s to work. These are normal for script applets. The app is otherwise code signed and stapled in accordance with Apple guidelines. Press OK for any dialogs encountered.


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